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Egerer Metall- und Ausbausysteme

Piracherstr. 80

84489 Burghausen



Phone:    +49 8677 98 77 11

FAX:       +49 8677 98 77 20





Egerer is based in Burghausen on the Austrian Germany border, only 100 kilometers east of Munich and 40 kilometers north of Salzburg. Burghausen is a town famous for itís history, art and industry.



The Castle Burghausen was founded in the Dark Age has a total length of a kilometer making it the longest castle in Europe. It consists of seven courts separated by seven drawbridges and ditches.

Once a year, Burghausen becomes a center for jazz, hosting a Jazz festival that attracts the most famous Jazz musicians from all over the world.

Generating sales close to 3 Billion EURO and employing a staff of 10,000 people locally, advanced silicone chemical manufacturer Wacker - Chemie GmbH, is the largest organisation in Burghausen. It
's also a major customer of Egerer.



Egerer was founded by Emil Egerer Snr in 1971 and is still 100% percent privately-owned. As one of the first companies to work in the area of dry construction the company has pioneered this technology and employs some of the most experienced specialists in this field. The company has about 10 permanent employees and also has standing agreements with several sub-contractors as well. Three words can be used characterize Egerer: Qualification, Continuity and Quality.

A high level of qualification has always been the key to success.  All employees at Egerer are expected to have at least a certified education degree as skilled worker. Eger
er also has a sponsorship program to attract and retain the most promising young talent.

Egerer has always had a very low staff turnover. Several workers have been
employed since it was founded such is their pride in the company. This continuity has been the guarantee to protecting and increasing intellectual property over the decades.

Quality of work, especially in the field of industrial building, has been essential in winning long term business. So it is not surprising that 70% of the annual turnover is made by serving our most important client, Wacker - Chemie.



Emil Egerer senior

Although he graduated as an engineer from the Polytechnic Institute of Munich, Emil has enriched his complex practical knowledge by completing a trade examination and gaining the title of   master in 1992.


Bernhard Egerer

After finishing high school Bernhard joined the company gaining extensive experience. He is currently completing a certificate as a skilled worker in the field of dry construction.


Dr. Emil Egerer

With a university degree in engineering and business administration Emil is specialized in consulting and business development. He has been working to expand the companies fields of operation.






Program and References


Our program of installation covers the complete palette of dry construction, being:


Suspended ceilings including light, sound and fire protection, climatic and stucco ceilings and attic storey facing
Light construction partition wall including mobile and immobile walls for separation fire and sound protection, with complete or partial glass ceilings and moveable separation or folding walls
Fire protection facing designed in all specified materials and, all construction types inclusive of special constructions (according to the specifications of the material manufacturer)
Double soils designed in all specific materials according to the structural and physical specifications of the manufacturer.

Some of our projects include:

New central office building of Wacker - Chemie GmbH in Munich Approx. 5000m2 of suspended ceilings mainly as metal ventilation ceiling with special constructions for the computer centre
Renovation of a TOPTICA building in Munich Approx. 230 m2 of mobile, high quality light construction partition wall with glass elements
Renovation of a Rossignol building in Munich Approx. 400 m2 of mobile partition wall as special construction with glass elements
Renovation of a vocational training centre in Burghausen Approx. 2.500 m2 of sound deadening suspended ceilings and mobile metal-light-construction-walls
Renovation of a Wacker-Chemie office building Approx. 180 m2 of double soils as fire hindering construction with an increased load capacity possible.
Renovation of a historical city hall building in Burghausen 1) Approx. 2.000 m2 of expended finishing work (ceilings and walls) in different historical rooms, halls, staircases and cellar premises
Renovation of a castle of King Ludwig II at "Herrenchiemsee" island 2) Approx. 4.000 m2 of fire protection work designed as ceiling an construction facings